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Full Course 4-weeks: $80.00

Our 4-week course covers the pillars of time-tested wisdom of the East and West as a foundation for the next level classes.

Week 1: What is classical philosophy?

philosophy as a way of life

universal and timeless principles in the human being and nature

recognizing and developing our inner potential

Week 2: Life and teachings of the Buddha

the art of letting go and the Middle Way

walking the Noble Eightfold Path towards greater harmony and inner freedom in our daily lives

transforming suffering to wisdom

Week 3: Stoicism

the teachings of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus on finding happiness in a time of adversity

cultivating timeless human values such as prudence, courage, temperance and fortitude through self-mastery

balancing that which depends on us with that which does not

Week 4: Philosophy of History

using past experiences as a driving force for inner and outer development

understanding the cycles of time to forge a brighter tomorrow

Weeks 5+: The Adventure Continues…

Advanced Courses

A program of study leads from one level to the next…….